Shovel Knight Review

Check out our verdict on indie retro platformer, Shovel Knight!

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Obscure Zelda Characters We Want In Hyrule Warriors

We look towards the darker corners of Hyrule, to draw inspiration for who (or what) we might like to see in Hyrule Warriors.

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The Wii U's Comeback

Nintendo's console rises once more thanks to its expanded library of games and charm, but will it truly last?

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The Problem With MOBA Communities

In the wake of the latest DoTA2 tournament ‘The International’ (which boasts a prize pool of around $11 million) Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games are being picked up by more and more players every day.

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HD Me! Viewtiful Joe

A game’s graphics are universally accepted as one of the most vital aspects required in order to invest in a world, and High Definition, whilst not always required (just look at Minecraft), can offer a crisper, cleaner experience that immerses the player even more. So, when looking back, it’s easy to make wish lists, wanting to see games of the past given the HD treatment, and that’s exactly what I’ve done, here is the first item of a new series; HD me

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