Looking Back: Skyrim

We're not sure what there is left to say about Bethesda's juggernaut fantasy role playing adventure. So ironically, for a game of this size, we'll keep it brief. This particular writer missed all the hype and platitudes the first time around, and I simply rolled my eyes and zoned out whenever someone bought up Skyrim.

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Looking Back: Sonic Generations

It only took several years, but we finally got a truly great 3D Sonic in the form of Sonic Generations. And yes, we mean that Sonic Generations was the first properly good 3D Sonic. The Adventure games had awful cameras, Heroes had the same issues and wonky gameplay, Shadow the Hedgehog was a grossly misjudged move into maturity, Sonic 06 was a bag of shit, Unleashed had the awful werehog sections and Colours suffered from some hideous difficulty spikes and dull powerups.

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Looking Back: Borderlands 2

Guns, explosions, insanity and more cringe-worthy jokes than your dad can spew out. There’s only two things that phrase could be describing: A really crappy action movie you bought at PoundLand, or the Borderlands series; Thankfully we’re talking about the latter, which is a lot better and funnier than anything you could find in PoundLand.

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Looking Back: Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2

Looking back over the pinnacle of the THPS series, and for our money, one of the best games ever made.

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Looking Back: Rayman 2

We look back at Rayman 2, and his transition into the third dimension.

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