Is Nostalgia Healthy? Part Two

Oi, if you've not read Part One yet, we'd do that first. Go on. We can wait...

Nostalgia is a set of feelings that helps plenty of people to cope, to deal with some nasty situations by remembering the good times and, of course, to appreciate what you currently have. Unfortunately, it’s very easy for people who are actively seeking nostalgia to fall into a loop hole.

You go for nostalgia, seeking those good feelings, but they inevitably go away after a while, and what’s worse, they’ll remind you of what you currently cannot have in certain games. Sure, you got a real sense of wonderment and fun from the original Zelda games, but current adventure games cannot replicate that, and that thought can easily tarnish your good memories, or worse, devalue adventure games in general thanks to it.

Nostalgia is a two way street, which often times we go into only expecting to come back with good stuff; the reality is that the more you focus on replicating those feelings, whether it is by simply replaying a game, regardless of medium or details like your controller, the more you may feel trapped in there, trying to recapture feelings that by their very definition, are done and gone.

Sure, you can go ahead and get those nice controllers, hunt around for that same CRT TV that you used to play your games on, sit down with some “classic” styled snacks and the like and try to recapture the magic, but the moment’s already passed. While you can fool your brain into recalling it, you won’t really relive it.

Your controller does matter, but you should not focus on it. What you should concentrate on is the game itself, and the entertainment and joy it can still bring you. Recalling your fond memories of games past is not a bad thing, but focus too much on them and you may become jaded, all too unwilling to try out the new things coming out.

Sharing old games, replaying them and even learning more about them is always a good thing, but never let it be your sole focus on life and entertainment, is what we’re saying. In fact, sharing those experiences and forming new memories of these games with your friends is probably the best way to go health wise (for obvious reasons)

Of course, there’s also the issue of Cognitive Dissonance, if we want to talk about new games, memories and comparing new with old, but I think I’ve made your brain hurt enough for one day.

For now, go out there and enjoy yourself. That controller could help ya catch a few extra seconds of sweet, sweet nostalgia, but there are even better things out there for you in the world of Electronic Entertainment.