Five Pokemon We Want in Pokken Tournament

Yes, Nintendo made our dizziest dreams come true when they announced Pokken Tournament last week. Obviously, being a mix of Pokemon and Tekken, we can expect to be playing as bigger, more muscular Pokemon (so don't expect to be playing as Pikachu or anyone like that, although they'll probably shoe horn the yellow bugger in somehow). Let's take a look at some of the pocket monsters we want to be able to bash each other's heads in with. DISCLAIMER: We already know about Blaziken, Lucario, and Machamp, so don't flip because they're not on the list.


One of the most popular Pokemon of all time, it would be criminal not to see the legendary psychic Pokemon rear his head for battle. With a selection of range attacks (think his big energy ball in Smash Bros.) and some groovy mental grabs, we'd have a Pokken character that relied a little more in his brains than brawns.


Another all time fave of most Pokemon fans, Charizard could be a heavy hitter with some intense fiery attacks. Factor in his wings, and you'd have some very interesting aerial moves at your disposal.


Screw Pikachu, Raichu is always where it's been at. Those in the know, know. Being a larger beast, it makes more sense for Pokken too. He's a speedy devil, who could get in close for some electric attacks, and use its awesome lighting shaped tail for a bit of range.


You know Marshall Law from Tekken, right? Well, imagine if the groovy kicking Pokemon played exactly like him. Awesome, right? We know.


It's coming to Smash, so obviously it knows how to scrap. Throw Greninja in Pokken with the same kind of Ninja style moveset and bish bash bosh, we have an awesome ninja character!

We realise that 4/5 of this list came from the original 151 Pokemon. Well, that's just because they're better. Deal with it.