Looking Back: Batman Arkham Asylum

Looking back on the superhero game we both needed and deserved. 

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Looking Back: Crash Bandicoot 2

The first Crash Bandicoot was an undisputed classic in platforming. The titular character, the anthropomorphic Crash, was loved unanimously and praised around the globe, so much that he became Sony's mascot for the remainder of the 90's. As a kid, I couldn't get enough of him. His whacky style, hysterical voice acting and the sheer lasting appeal of him made him incredibly popular with children and adults alike all over the world.

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Looking Back: Goldeneye

We take a look at Rare's seminal first person shooter, and popular multiplayer friend ender Goldeneye.

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Looking Back: Metroid Prime

We review Samus Aran's first outing in the third dimension.

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Looking Back: Shenmue


Looking back on a game with a funny name.

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