Looking Back: Mario Party 5

no one ever came to Luigi Party. 

Mario Party 5. Or, as we at ByteXplosion like to call it, you f**king f**kface f**k I can't believe you took all my coins we are never speaking again 5. Great game. 

If you've never played Mario Party there really isn't a way we can adequately justify or sum up the exquisitely addictive feeling of hatred you will harbour towards your own friends and family as you play the interactive, mini game filled board game. It's like Monopoly turned up to a million. With Bowser running around being a prick for good measure. 

The basic premise of Mario Party is as follows. Take four players and stick them on a cool board. 5 has all kinds of groovy boards full of interactive hazards, one of the best being a giant cake board. Land on the wrong spot, and a giant hand will take the slice you stand on and take you back to the start. You really will hate this game. It's great.

Anyway, four players on a board. The aim of the game is to collect Stars. There is only one star somewhere on the board at any given time (there are exceptions) so the race is on to get across the board to wherever the star is. The catch is that you need 20 coins to buy the star once you get to it. This is where the mini games come in. 

At the end of every round, the four players must play a random mini game which can be anything from knocking each other into lava, to shining a torch at an angry chain chomp. Only one player can win a mini game, and they are then awarded 10 coins. Naturally, on your way to the star there will be mini games and items and spaces that can all give or take coins, so you have to watch getting to the star before you have enough coins. Finally landing on a star only to see you have 19 coins is one of the worst feelings a person can feel. It's seriously akin to torture.

The further in the game gets, the more furious things can go. Some people may have built up a small fortune of coins or stars, and of course the right items can afford someone the chance to steal a star from a player. This move is known as the friend ender. There are also plenty of ways to make sure you can go from having 100 coins to 5 in a few moves.

Mario Party 5 offers a more streamlined take on the fun than its predecessors, while also ensuring items flow fast and freely, leading to something annoying happening almost every turn. The one major aspect that people either love or hate about Mario Party, is the fact that you can and probably will go from balling hard in first place to trailing in last in one swift, cruel turn. If you're a fan of fair play... Mario Party 5 really will rub you up the wrong way. You won't be able to get enough of it.