Looking Back: X Men Mutant Academy 2

Ah, the Playstation and fighting games. They go together like They go together like EA and poor marketing choices. And of course, making a video game tie in about the X Men is a tricky prospect on paper; it's a large team of very different powers (therefore, playstyles) so making an adventure game or something similar based on the whole team would be a tricky prospect. Especially on a Playstation.

Thankfully, Academy had the masterstroke to make it into a mutant brawler. It makes perfect sense when you think about it, especially since the X Men are really angsty and spend most of their time fighting each other anyway (they spend a lot of time making woohoo too, but we can't have X Men: Mutant Boudoir, sadly). 

While the first X Men Mutant Academy was only decent (it had about 8 characters, gah), number 2 is where the X Men stop being polite and start gettin' real. You feel us? No? We'll stop talking like that and just tell you why it was a good game then.

Naturally, you have the standard fighting game modes. Survival, Arcade, Training, and good old, friend ending versus. Arcade is where you wanna go to unlock the goodies, and Versus is where you wanna go to put a ban on playing as Wolverine after about five games because you'll quickly realise he's OP as God himself.

So, what kind of awesome things can you unlock? We hear you scream, desperate to reminisce over a time when secrets in games didn't cost you extra money and you were instead rewarded for your skill rather than ability to mindlessy fork over cash (sorry, tangent... read this instead). 

Anyway... sorry. Unlockables. Besides an awesome stash of costumes and stages, plus a boat load of characters you'd expect such as Juggernaut and Nightcrawler (he is so awesome in this game) you can also unlock two super secret characters; The Amazing Wheels aka Professor X and Spider Man. The latter of which is one of the most awesome characters in the game, and if you'll remember, we think the appearance of Spidey as a secret character is the cornerstone of any great game

The gameplay is standard Tekkenish combo fare, with some fun super moves (better than Injustice, bleh). The only real problem with this game is the ease with which you can spam, and Wolverine can spam like no other man can. That said, it's a fighting game full of X Men characters.... if you like these two things and wish to see them combined, X Men Mutant Academy 2 is your best bet.