Looking Back: Skyrim

We're not sure what there is left to say about Bethesda's juggernaut fantasy role playing adventure. So ironically, for a game of this size, we'll keep it brief. This particular writer missed all the hype and platitudes the first time around, and I simply rolled my eyes and zoned out whenever someone bought up Skyrim.

Naturally, after playing it, I became that person. I foolishly purchased a download copy for my laptop before checking the specs properly. Being a part time video game journalist and student, one can imagine a proper gaming laptop is a little outside my price range. However, I was so impressed, even with a stuttering, poorly rendered, lagging version of this massive world, that I was moved to save up for a cheap PS3 and a copy of the game.

Regrets were minimal. For the past few months, Skyrim has given me endless things to do and see, and I wish I'd played the game as other people were still finding new secrets and areas, as anytime I open my mouth to talk about something cool I've found, I'm usually met with a resounding "We know". 

The first time the scope of the game really got me, wasn't as soon as you escape the beheading and can literally run in to the hills and never be seen again if you want. It was some time later in the game, as I strolled through a peaceful village and a dragon suddenly swooped down and butchered a handful of guards. As I started fighting it, I realised this kind of stuff never happened in a game like Zelda. Villages were essentially safe zones (unless you bother the chickens) and I loved the sense that anything could happen anywhere in this game. Nowhere was safe, and everywhere was interesting.

And besides that, who doesn't want to spend hours exploring forests and mountains, looking for caves full of demons and treasure? It's awesome that you can stumble into something where you're completely out of your depth, and get your head pulled off by a frost troll within seconds.

And there are so many things I haven't done yet. I still haven't really bothered with cooking, or sorcery, or range, or sneak, all of which make the incentive to create a new character who does all that stuff. I still haven't found every dungeon or gotten all the cool armor, I still haven't maxed out a character and I've far from finished every quest...

Excuse me please. I've gotta go play Skyrim.