Looking Back: Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 is a bloody brilliant game. This is coming from someone who never cared for Skateboarding at all, but if THPS 2 doesn't make you wanna jump on a board and try and grind through customs at the airport, we don't know what will. 

The sheer amount of content for the time still impresses. To be honest, if this game was released today, half of the maps and characters would probably cost and extra tenner as DLC. You could spend hours just customising your own character and board, trying to look as 90s punk rock as you possibly could. You could spend even longer making your own maps, littering them with spiked pits of death and half pipes (excuse us while we go boot up the Playstation and do that actually).

Right, we're back. Anyway... let's talk about the awesome soundtrack. A perfect mix of hip hop and punk rock, it's probably one of the best soundtracks to any game, ever. It definitely got the old blood pumping as you zoomed through the open levels, exploring and pulling off tricks at the same time.

It's this that we've always admired about Tony Hawks games. The way that you're seamlessly exploring and racking up a high score at the same time. You could simply be trying to get enough air to do some fancy shit, and then you'll suddenly be high up enough to notice a secret area, or hidden cranny. We're sure you all remember the endless search for the secret tapes.

And there wasn't one boring level. Every one was filled to the brim with awesome tricks to try, amazing secrets to find, and brilliant music to skate to. Of all the games we've ever played, this will always be one of the top ones you can easily find yourself losing hours to seamlessly. 

Secrets were always the cornerstone of this game for us, because there were just so many damn awesome ones. The chief amongst them of course being that you could play as SPIDER-MAN. These days, that kind of awesome perk would easily be some costly DLC. It wasn't just a regular skater in a spidey suit either, they gave him web themed special tricks. And if you don't remember the awesome, super secret heaven level... well, you just didn't play this game enough.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of this game was that everyone could actually play it, before the TH series descended into a mental orgy of pro button mashing and insane combos. And of course, if you struggled that much, there were cheats to unlock everything. Ah, the good old days.