Looking Back: Jak II Renegade

Driving, skating, shooting, stealing vehicles, beating up members of authority with a myriad assortment of weapons and performing all of this with a wicked sense of humor. No, this is not Grand Theft Auto, this is Jak II: Renegade. In what was probably the most ambitious game of its time, Naughty Dog unleashed an open dystopian world that ticked so many boxes it’s difficult to pigeon hole what genre it actually was.

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Looking Back: Asteroids

In the week when a pair of severely misguided teenagers describe the NES as a “brick from 1920”, (that really wound us up) we decided to review one of the standout titles of the second generation; Asteroids. Garnishing unit sales of over $150,000,000, and $500,000,000 in coin drops, and re-released on many different consoles to this day, Asteroids remains a classic among fans with an appreciation for their routes, and gamers looking to experience previous generations. We've recently made more of an effort to explore earlier gaming generations. Currently, Asteroids is one of our favourite games of the second generation, along with Pac-Man and Yars’ Revenge.

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Looking Back: Mario Party 5

Prepare to punch your friends in your throat for stealing your only Star.

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Looking Back: X Men Mutant Academy 2

Ah, the Playstation and fighting games. They go together like EA and poor marketing choices, making a video game tie in about the X Men is a tricky prospect on paper; it's a large team of very different powers (therefore, playstyles) so making an adventure game or something similar based on the whole team would be a tricky prospect. Especially on a Playstation.

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Looking Back: Simpsons Hit And Run

Please, sing the theme tune in your head to prepare yourself for this article. We can wait for you to finish.

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