Developers of Bioshock and The Witcher announce their first game as a new studio

Citing Edgar Allen Poe and classic horror films as their inspiration, Rosebud Games claim that Death in Candlewood is “not a traditional first-person shooter”. Taking place over a single night, throughout the game you will drive cars and motorbikes, swim at the depths of the ocean, and use “uncommon weapons to face uncommon enemies”. Players can venture into the six square kilometres of outdoor mountain ranges as well as the town of Candlewood, four square kilometres in size with over 1,000 fully explorable buildings.

Gameplay comes as a mixture of stealth, combat, and role playing customisation.

You play as Ray Dune, a doctor who drove his mentor to insanity after failing to save his wife. In his grief, he begins experimenting on bringing the dead back to life, but in doing so kidnaps Ray’s adopted son Rizzo. It’s up to you to get him back.

"A love story between the living and the dead, the game plunges its player into the darkest corners of 1940s America". If that doesn’t do anything for you, consider that the game is being made by the people behind Silent Hill, F.E.A.R. and Bioshock. In other words, people who know their horror.

Rosebud says that Death in Candlewood has been in development since 2011, at the same time the studio was established. As to why it's taken over two years to reach Kickstarter, the developers say that so far the costs have been paid directly by themselves. Calling it a "labour of love," time is now sparse and the money has run dry. With Kickstarter, they want to finish what they've started.

Assuming they reach their goal, Death in Candlewood will be finished and ready to release by spring 2015. The Kickstarter page went up yesterday and needs a minimum of $60,000 to reach its target. It has until the 2nd of May.